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Virtual Production

We merge traditional filmmaking with the newest virtual production technologies to be a truly innovative production company that is focused on taking your creative aspirations into the future.

From traditional corporate filming to cutting edge virtual production, live streaming events to drone work we can do it all. 

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The power of traditional film making merges with the CGI virtual world.
Since 2005 Fanaticfilms has worked across the globe with brands and organisations of all sizes and industries to achieve their creative goals.

Our ability to offer you creative solutions that are flexible and scalable means we can always meet your production needs, whatever they are.

The future is here and we have moved with it.
Virtual production film making is the modern way to merge traditional camera based filming with real time, cutting edge virtual reality technology and CGI.  Huge leaps forward in computer power and software made for cutting edge game development means ‘real time’ work flows are finally here. We work with talent who can see themselves in the digital environment as they perform. The results are captured ready to be edited straight into your project. If you need to alter something later, we can do that too!

We film talent immersed in photorealistic digital worlds, branded spaces and 3D environments that are difficult or impossible to source in the real world. These digital worlds are created and then filmed on, just like a real location.

Digital and real-world camera moves perform impressive shots that pull your audience in and help tell your story.

This is Hollywood technology, and it's now available to you. Just imagine what you could do with it!

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